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Canadian Immigration Lawyer Visits Poland to Give Free Immigration Advice



May 20, 2022


08:52 PM

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After two years of limited travel during the pandemic, we’ve all acquired a degree of virtual fatigue plugging in remotely. While this newfound accessibility is empowering, we’re all still desperate for some face-to-face interaction.

Relocate Advisor, Rohan George, an Immigration Lawyer at Glassbox Law LLP out of Toronto, Canada felt inspired to consult with people on the ground during his recent travels. A business trip to the UK led him to spontaneously veer off his itinerary and visit Kraków, Poland where a large part of the 2M Ukrainians that were displaced by the war were likely to end up.

Once there, Rohan quickly observed a mix of misinformation and predatory immigration practices with respect to Canadian immigration for Ukrainians. Having interned with the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN) during law school he quickly identified the value public legal education could have in this space. With that formative experience in mind and mesmerized by the vast European public squares, the idea to set up a pop-up booth for public legal education took form.

Last Saturday afternoon while the square was buzzing with Poles, Ukrainians and tourists alike he provided public legal education about the Canada Ukraine Emergency Travel Authorization (CUAET) visa program.

Rohan, supported by a local restaurant that provided a table and chair, spent the day educating and sharing resources for Ukrainian passerbys. This included a one-pager summary of the program and QR codes for the CUAET, Job Bank for Ukrainians and news articles on Newfoundland’s special efforts in Poland. He was also able to share his strong views on how Canada’s program compares to other nations’ efforts (i.e. Authorization to Travel in Canada vs Parole in the US)

“This trip taught me that some people thrive with mission of home-building—stability and security bring them joy. Others thrive with the mission of boat-building--mobility and wanderlust to keep them going. “Relocaters” are definitely the latter. I’m amped to be part of a community of boat-builders.”

Get More Information About Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel Program

Glassbox is a Toronto based boutique law firm focused on employing technology and innovation to change the way clients experience law. The practice areas include immigration, real estate, family law and corporate (small business).

Connect with Rohan today to further discuss your immigration options to Canada and general questions about life as an immigrant in Canada.


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