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Brazil Jumps on the Digital Nomad Bandwagon



January 30, 2022


06:43 AM

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As of January 24th, Brazil has opened its own version of the Digital Nomad Visa allowing remote working foreigners to legally reside in the country for one year. The visa can then be renewed for an additional year.

The global pandemic hit economies worldwide, but the growing Brazilian economy was especially susceptible to economic repercussions of halted travel and tourism. Digital Nomad Visas are a major player in the new world of work, benefiting both remote workers and hosting countries in a multitude of positive ways. In sum, remote workers have the chance to fully experience a new destination which they would otherwise only see through the lens of a tourist passing by while the host country witnesses money and talent injected into its local economy without offering employment positions better filled by its nationals. Thus far, it seems to be a win-win for everyone.

The process to be a digital nomad in Brazil appears to be relatively easy and straightforward. Digital nomads should apply at the nearest Brazilian Consulate where they must prove they earn at least $1500 USD/month or have a lump sum of $18,000 USD in their bank account. As with other countries offering Digital Nomad Visas, this income must be generated outside of Brazil. There is also a requirement to have health insurance coverage. Processing time is yet to be determined.

So, is Brazil Your Next Destination?

Rio, San Paolo, Porto Alegre — Brazil pulsates with vibrancy! Whether you’re a traveler, expat, retiree or now Digital Nomad an experience in this South American superpower is sure to have plenty to feed your soul. From the culture to the food, rainforest to the beaches, and nightlife to the morning coffee — Brazil is an exciting destination.

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This article is a Relocate Community Article written by Kathryn Funk, Content and Community Director at Relocate.

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