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Welcome to the Relocate Referral Portal (RRP) – an independent portal where you can actively submit client-referral requests, source offers from vetted-migration practitioners, and confidently pass along valuable leads or existing client matters.

Submitting a Referral Request

The RRP is designed to streamline referral requests and provide referrers with the ability to make informed decisions about where to source important client matters.

Who Can Submit a Referral Request?

Anyone who has an existing or potential client related may submit a referral request.

Note: Transactional elements of the RRP are subject to limitations

What Information do you need to provide?

You should be able to furnish fundamental details about the potential reference that would permit an Advisor to make an informed decision, and ultimately an offer for accepting your referral.

The RRP form will guide you through a basic intake process.

Note: RRP is designed to meet international regulations and standards for privacy protection. As you will see from the initial intake process, no personal details are furnished about the actual client/applicant.

How Do I Submit a Referral?

It's easy! Start Here 👉 Relocate Referral Portal

Overall Benefits and RPP Process Overview.

RRP simplifies the process of sourcing an ideal global migration practitioner and advisor to handle a potential client case. Our proprietary technology guides you through the entire referral-request process from sourcing to engagement.

1. Simplified Referral and New Matter Forms

This process begins with our basic intake form that collects important data about your case-matter. The data is securely stored and collected-information is tailored to attract only relevant Advisors.

2. Global Network Submissions through

Once the basic referral-form is complete, your request will be processed and shared with all relevant practitioners on the platform. This means a diversity of practitioners who have the expertise you may be looking for will contact you.

3. Streamlined Communications with Qualified Practitioners

You will start receiving responses on a rolling-basis. As part of this offer, Advisors are given up to 72-hours to consider and respond to the particular referral request.

If Advisors are interested in a referral request and/or have additional questions, this will be processed and communicated directly to you (i.e. the referrer).

You will also have the option to easily schedule an appointment with interested practitioners to further explore eligibility and candidacy for your case-matter.

4. Advisor Review and Secured Negotiations

The referrer will have an opportunity to review all feedback and communications to make an informed decision. At this point, the RRP also provides a secure option to engage in a client-referral agreement and transaction.

Note: This last step is currently subject to limitations, as the RRP strictly adheres to national guidelines for referral arrangements between non-lawyers and lawyers.

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