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Future of Work ✈ Removing Barriers and What it Means for Mobility Practitioners



September 16, 2022


11:12 AM

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We recently announced an early-stage partnership with one of the leading global employment platforms, Oyster. But what does this mean for global mobility practitioners? How can this further bolster your existing practice? What does it all mean, anyway, this future of work?

What is a Global Employment Platform?

A global employment platform (often referred to as an EOR or Employee of Record) is a solution that enables companies to engage talent internationally without the traditional barriers associated with cross-border employment. Sounds like a win!

What does EOR have to do with cross-border professionals (i.e. immigration lawyers or tax advisors)?

You’ll see it often as a mobility professional: companies that want to hire globally often need to employ local accountants, and tax experts to initiate the lengthy process of setting up and maintaining a local entity. Your clients will be speaking to you about this, and often it’s complex to navigate them through. Historically these barriers meant it was also larger companies that had easier access to a global workforce rather than start-up to mid sizes.

Welcome to the Future....of Work

We know you'e heard it before. We shouted it from the rooftops in our annual Relocate Series. Just google it and see how far down the rabbit-hole you might go. Global employment platforms, like Oyster, removes barriers to allow companies to hire, pay, and take care of brilliant employees—wherever they are in the world. It is tech-savvy, and reputable EOR providers create a seamless experience for their clientele.

How can Global Mobility Practitioners benefit from EOR solutions?

At Relocate, we strive to keep Advisors on the cutting edge of mobility. This is a broad statement, but it is through stakeholder partnerships like this that we provide practical solutions to empower our members.

Through our partnership with Oyster, you will have an opportunity to integrate innovative revenue streams for your practice, or easily enhance the value you can offer your clients - quickly.

Learn more in this 2-minute video 👉 BONUS: Answer one-simple question at the end of the video and be entered into our lottery to obtain a 1 months free Relocate membership!

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