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How To Find A Job In Japan

How to Find a Job in Japan

From the buzzing streets of Tokyo to the serene temples of Kyoto, Japan is a country with something to suit every style. If you are dreaming of a future in the Land of the Rising Sun, now is an excellent time to take action.

In 2019, the country began adapting its immigration policies with the hope of bringing in more foreign workers to fill labor market gaps that have developed due to an aging population. Subsequently, immigration to Japan is on the rise.

While Japan is increasingly welcoming of non-Japanese nationals, you still have to abide by strict visa regulations if you want to work and live there. This article explores opportunities in the country and explains how you can find your dream job in Japan. It also provides a primer to visa considerations when looking for work in Japan.

Want to Work in Japan? Consider These Points First

Foreign workers considering a job in Japan should plan their transition carefully. The below sections cover some of the most critical considerations when looking at work opportunities in Japan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan breaks down work and long-term stay visas into a few distinct categories, including:

Highly-skilled professional visas for those who demonstrate advanced skills and hold experience of at least five years. Working visas covering a diversity of niche fields, including journalists, medical services, researchers, nursing and entertainment. Startup visa for entrepreneurs who are supposed to work in a specific Japanese municipality.

There are also long-term stay visas that give you the right to live and work in Japan on the basis of a familial relationship. These are referred to as “specified visas.” Spouses or children of Japanese nationals or permanent residents may qualify, for example.

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Resources for Finding Japanese Jobs

There are a few ways you can go about finding a job in Japan. Here are some of the most helpful resources for foreign workers.

Jobs in Japan

Jobs in Japan is specifically geared toward foreigners looking for work in Japan. You can search via keywords, job category, part-time versus full-time jobs and job location. You can also specify metrics like whether the job offers a work visa.


Another website geared toward non-Japanese seeking work, GaijinPot, covers various job types, from project managers to sales representatives, to information technology experts and more. The platform also provides general tips to help with the entire transition process — like how to find housing.

Jet Program

If you are interested in English teaching jobs via the Jet Program, you can explore this option directly via the JET official website. Check out the vertical for “Aspiring JETs” on how to improve your odds of acceptance.

Schools, Companies and Universities

You can also apply directly to schools, companies and universities if they have positions that fit your profile. For example, some private language schools might be able to sponsor your visa for you.

Japan Job-Hunting 101

Scoring your dream job in Japan requires more than simply sending out resumes and cover letters. The below tips cover the essentials for foreign job seekers who want to work in Japan.

As mentioned, there are a diversity of visa options for foreigners in Japan. Deciding which visa best fits your unique requirements can streamline your job application process. For example, if you apply for a highly skilled professional (HSP) visa, you’ll need a sponsoring company. However, if you apply via the JET program, you’ll simply apply via JET/the Japanese government.

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