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Obtaining Residency In Italy

Obtaining Residency in Italy

From the welcoming emerald shores of Sicilia to the epic summits of the Italian Alps, Italy provides a landscape and culture like no other. Not to mention the endless rolling-hills, countless walled-hilltop cittás, and world-class cities -- who wouldn't want to call Italia home.

In recent years, the Italian Government has made some positive strides to develop favorable immigration pathways for foreign nationals to reside, work or retire in Italy. We've outlined a few of these below and encourage you to dig-deeper as well as connect with qualified, bilingual Advisors who can support your potential journey to Bel Paese.

The Italian Elective Residency Visa

The Italian Elective Residency Visa is an immigration pathway for those who intend to relocate to Italy without employment. Overall, this can be a viable visa visa option for investors, entrepreneurs, pensioners and others seeking to shift their residency to Italy.

Eligibility Requirements for the Elective Residency Visa

In order to qualify for the Elective Residency visa the main applicant must demonstrate financial stability of at least €32,000 per year. It is important to emphasize that you cannot rely on employment within Italy to prove this financial stability. Furthermore, income must derive from valid sources of revenue (i.e. pensions, annuities, dividends, and other capital gains mechanisms).

In order to qualify for the elective residency visa (and obtain permanent residency in Italy) you will be required to demonstrate proof of maintaining a domicile in Italy. Either owning a property in Italy, or renting will suffice.

Benefits of the Italian Elective Residency Visa

Aside from being able to legally live in Italy, there are a handful of notable benefits to obtaining the Elective Residency Visa. This includes free public education for children, access to national healthcare, ability to obtain permanent residency (permesso di soggiorno) after 5-years, and Italian Citizenship (after 10-years).

You may also be eligible for fiscal-tax benefits through the Italian impatriate tax-regime.

Obtaining Residency in Italy through Investor Visas Programs

The Italian Government has been slow to recognizing the potential for inviting investors to its shores. Understandably, as tourism has long been one of the leading revenues for national businesses throughout Italy, many are content with the transient flow of visitors. Still, talent has poured out of Italy throughout the last decade in search of a economic opportunities elsewhere, and this has been difficult for sustaining the Italian economy. Recent policies have been aimed at bringing back this talent by further stimulating the Italian economy through foreign direct investment and the Italian Government has introduced immigration and tax regimes to incentivize foreigners, stimulate its own economy and maintain its position as a top-global destination.

Dig-deeper and read more about Investor-based visas in Italy.


Italian Citizenship

In addition to obtaining residency, there are multiple pathways for becoming an Italian Citizen: (1) Descent/Ancestry; (2) Marriage; (3) and Naturalization.

Do you have Italian ancestry? Italy provides a clear immigration pathway for those who are able to trace their lineage back to Italy. Known as “Jus Sanguinis” — this Italian Naturalisation process is very relevant in countries like the United States, Brazil, Argentina and other parts of Europe.

If you have Italian lineage that you can trace, it is well-worth looking into the jus sanguinis process. Overall, you may be eligible to obtain Italian Citizenship in three-ways.

  1. Ancestry: Those who have Italian ancestors may be able to acquire citizenship through descent.
  2. Marriage: If you are married to an Italian citizen may be entitled to acquire citizenship.
  3. Naturalization: People who have legally resided in Italy for several years on a a valid Italian Visa may be able to acquire citizenship

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Living in Italy can be an once in a lifetime opportunity. Furthermore, for those who do not have to rely on the local economy for work, it can be either an ideal launching-pad to the rest of Europe, or a place to simply live a quality lifestyle. However, navigating the bureaucracy in Italy can be demanding and oftentimes outright frustrating for foreigners.

Dig-deeper into relevant topics for living in Italy, search licensed, bilingual Advisors and get answers to your specific questions.

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