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October 08, 2021


10:37 AM

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Do you have a compelling story about immigrating….anywhere? Were there unique challenges, surprises or encounters that are worth sharing: A run-in with Border Patrol? A misspelling on an official government form? Did you mistakenly smuggle mangoes from a Caribbean Island, or obtain a new passport based on your great-great grandfather who once owned an olive grove in Sicily?

Relocate is excited to present the first wave of #relocatestories, a multichannel campaign for sharing and further engaging our human narrative revolving around immigration and global mobility.

Get Started. Get Going. Transcend Borders.

As the world gradually starts to open, we are glad to provide our storytellers with some incentive. For our first-round of submissions, Relocate Ambassadors (i.e. Leading Immigration Advisors) are voting on the top-3 stories.

Winners will be featured across Relocate media channels and receive a $500 flight voucher for over 980+ global destinations.

  • Dates: October 15 – November 15, 2021
  • Word Count: 500 – 2,500 Words (photos/images are welcome)
  • Topic Guidelines: Anything related to your own immigration experience
  • Submission: Submit story here or email: [email protected] (subject: #relocatestories)

Make us laugh. Make us cry. Leave us feeling a bit more human and saying...."Thank you for sharing".

Need Inspiration? Check out some of our short films.


A Community-Oriented Approach & The Human Narrative.

Relocate is an independent platform for global migration. Through our community-oriented approach we strive to foster a safe and trustworthy ecosystem that empowers individuals to make informed decisions and get reliable answers before going through the daunting process of immigration.

One of the most powerful ways to communicate information about global mobility is actually engaging those who have been through the migration process. Of course, there are licensed immigration practitioners who specialize in providing core support services in areas of global mobility, and this is instrumental. However, this series (#relocatestories), is about those who have gone through the immigration process themselves.

The Heart of Our Identity is Human

At Relocate, we believe that the essence of experiential knowledge are the building blocks for our community. Any leading immigration expert will also understand this statement. Why? Because there is a meaningful and unique story that can only be profoundly understood and shared by the beholder.

Share Your Story and Help Ease the Burdens of Migration

Learn More About #relocatestories and Submit Your Story Today

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Get Started. Get Going. Transcend Borders

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