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September 17, 2021


01:48 PM

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It is one of Pangea.

Some say it began somewhere along the Eastern African Rift. During a period when intercontinental plates appeared different than today. A moment when history became human history, and our species began to gaze above the tall grass and walk towards the horizon. Propelled by an instinctive nature – to move.

Our origins are no different. We are inspired by the freedom of movement. The instinct of mobility is at the core of our DNA – and we have dedicated ourselves to building something that invigorates this fundamental notion of migration.

The forces of nature that challenged our species and influenced our evolution are infinitely different than the barriers of migration we face today. Whether right or wrong, it is not our mission to decide. Instead, we concentrated on engineering something to confront these tangible obstacles, and permit individuals with a meaningful space to make informed decisions about relocation. We endeavored to create a global migration ecosystem.

Our early-stage efforts were based on several mission-oriented pillars. To challenge a system of migration and enforce equity through transparency and trust. To pierce through complex layers of information about migration and provide individuals with reliable, accessible content. And to build a global migration marketplace where one not only engages with qualified professionals and advisors, but also others who have been through it themselves.

For anyone who has uprooted, there is a uniqueness to this experience. There is a story. And for those who care to listen, history continues to remind us that there has always been an element of struggle. Yet where there is struggle, there is also perseverance.

We are no different. For our story is an ever-evolving narrative. One that is human. So as the world continues to spin, it remains within our nature to move with it, and to provide those in need, and from all walks of life, with the courage to transcend borders.

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