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David Cantor


May 13, 2022


12:00 PM

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I am an eternal optimist – and it’s not easy to make this claim. There is so much in life that drains you. Knocks the air out of you. Keeps you down. There is struggle. Perhaps being a realist is more comforting – you know what to expect. Or maybe a healthy dose of cynicism, right? At least you don’t have expectations.

Nope, I am plagued with being categorized (and I strongly dislike categories) as an eternal optimist. It is in my nature. I can’t shake it. So what’s this all about anyway? Well, I wanted to start this article with a simple sentiment – “What is happening around us now is inspiring.” And I genuinely feel this way. Yet in the same breath, even the eternal optimist takes a pause – considering the world at large and knowing the struggles and menacing headlines that challenge our tenets to be decent human beings. Often we forget that the sun casts but one shadow on us all. Often we forget that we are so intricately woven as people. And nobody is to blame – the realist would understand that life gets in the way. The cynic would empathize with those who struggle. And the optimist, well, they would be inspired by where we have the potential to go.

Never before has the world seemed more tenable. We have overcome so much in a compacted period of time. Our ancestors lived through several World Wars – dragging on through volumes of recent history. And our ancient ancestors survived multitudes of plagues, power struggles, and disasters that threatened longevity through the ages. It is the first time in our generation that we have been faced with such omnipresent threats – threats to our livelihood encroaching into the most sacred places. Threats to our freedom of movement. And never in our history have we joined together as a world to actually confront these threats in a uniform way that almost feels universal. These present-day challenges that swept the globe are passing. We are overcoming these worldly struggles. Sure, more will surface and some in the most unpredictable ways. Yet still, I believe in a brighter way. And I'm nearly certain that my friends, the realist and cynic, would agree. As we move towards a more tenable world, the promise of life beyond our individual borders will not wait. It is for the taking.

I guess this is where I #transcendborders and #remotework, right?

David is a passionate advocate for the freedom of movement, a father of two, and a licensed immigration lawyer.

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