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Fostering Trust in a Global Migration Ecosystem



July 15, 2022


08:04 AM

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While we are a digital-platform – the fabric of Relocate is the human connection. In order to achieve our mission statement for easing the burdens of migration there is one single element that must prevail: Trust.

In an effort to foster trust in a global migration ecosystem we go through great lengths to ensure high-quality membership. There are several quality-control checks and balances, human-interactions, and the journey to become a member is enriching for all parties involved.

When we boast to the world that you can “connect with the experts” and “meet leading global migration practitioners” – there is weight behind these statements.

Spain Lawyers.webp

July 14, 2022 - Meeting the newest Relocate Ambassadors from Spain in Barcelona

Who are Relocate Members?

Relocate Membership is reserved for global migration practitioners – and this discipline, as you can imagine, is rapidly evolving.

At our foundation we feature a healthy range of “cross-border” professionals providing necessary and traditional international services. This includes: Immigration lawyers, international lawyers, tax advisors, corporate lawyers, and private wealth advisors.

Yet, we also recognize that the world of mobility and migration is rapidly evolving.

Say Hello to Modern Day Mobility Experts

Aligned with the ever-changing landscape of immigration, Relocate is proud to be home for niche professionals in the remote-work and international mobility space. These individual service-providers do not typically carry licensure, nor do they provide the traditional ink-to-paper services that are necessary for the immigration process – however, they do fill a much needed space in the overall framework of relocation. And they no doubt provide a welcomed glue to our own ecosystem.

Future of Work Consultants (i.e. remote/hybrid work) providing necessary guidance to both individuals and companies on transitioning into the remote work ecosystem. International Lifestyle coaches tailoring relocation solutions to individuals and families based on their specific life-variables. Digital Nomad Consultantsand mentors guiding those spinning the globe and wondering where to go next. Remote Work Advocates cultivating communities and transforming the concept of "destinations".

The services are real. The results are compelling. The stories inspiring.

Are you ready to meet some of the leading practitioners within the mobility space?

👉 Get Started. Get Going. #TranscendBorders

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