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The Italian Student Visa


Martina Manfredi


October 10, 2023


08:27 AM

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Are you an over 18, non-EU citizen wishing to study in Italy? Here is what you need to know! In order to study in Italy, a student must apply for an entry visa at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. This visa is specifically designed for those intending to take university courses (including single courses), upper secondary education courses, vocational training courses, and training internships in Italy, in order to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Requirements for the Student Visa Application

To apply for a student visa in Italy, the following documentation is required:

  • Entry visa application form
  • Recent passport-size photograph;
  • Travel document (i.e. passport) valid for at least three months following the expiration of the requested visa;
  • Enrollment or pre-enrollment in a university course;
  • Proof of adequate accommodation in Italy;
  • Proof of financial support (at least € 467,65 per month for the academic year, a total of € 6.079,45 per year, as of 2023);
  • Adequate insurance coverage for medical treatment and hospitalisation;
  • Proof of the availability of the financial means needed for repatriation;
  • Proof of adequate knowledge of Italian or English according to the language of the program may be required (certifications and / or language tests, administered by the universities or schools involved).

Next Steps – The Residency Permit for Students in Italy

The Italian Student Visa, issued by the territorially competent Italian Representation, grants entry to Italy but is not sufficient to live and study in Italy legally. Within 8 days of entry into Italy, it is necessary to apply for an Italian residence permit, or Permesso di Soggiorno, to be able to legally reside in Italy. The application is filed through a specific postal kit, available at postal offices with a Sportello Amico counter. In general, the postal kit is the means by which a foreign national present in Italy must apply for the issuance, renewal, updating and conversion of a residence permit.

A valid passport (original document and a copy), the compiled and completed postal kit, four passport-sized pictures and other documentation will be necessary for the filing of the residency permit application. Once all documentation is submitted, the applicant will be invited to attend an appointment at the competent police station (Questura) for the release of the residence permit.

The Student Residency Permit has a variable duration (from 6 months to 1 year) depending on the type of study course; it can be renewed, in order to cover the entire course of studies foreseen in the issuance of the entry visa, and, under specific circumstances, can also be converted in a residency permit for employment or self-employment reasons.

Once the student has obtained the residency permit, it is also possible to voluntarily register with the national health system by paying a premium; alternatively, the student can purchase their own private health insurance policy.

Martina Manfredi is a highly qualified bilingual Italian lawyer. Her areas of expertise including visa and residency support for those interested in relocating to Italy. Contact Martina today for a consultation about obtaining a student visa!

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