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October 08, 2021


02:03 PM

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This is certainly an exciting moment, and you are amongst the first wave of Global Citizens who have expressed interest in Relocate - the first Independent Platform for Global Migration.

"During my career as a U.S. Immigration Attorney, I had the privilege of working with individuals and businesses across the globe. Over the span of a decade, I became familiar with not only the complexities of practicing immigration law, but also the significance of empathy. It is this sensitivity that has served as a constant reminder: Everyone has a unique life-context, disposition, and reason for wanting (or needing) to migrate. In many ways, it is this sentiment, empathy, that is at the heart of our mission." - David Cantor, Relocate Founder & CEO

A Global-Minded Vision to Ease the Burdens of Migration.

From the beginning stages of our development, we asked ourselves one fundamental question: How can we help ease the burdens of migration?

We composed ourselves of a diverse team – ranging from software engineers and immigration experts to research-based academics and individual migrants. We set ourselves on a mission, not only to understand the challenges for emigrating, but to confront them and engineer a solution.

We engaged individuals from all around the world who have gone through the migration process. We conducted comprehensive surveys, exchanged ideas, stories and observations. Each of these conversations proved instrumental in composing the fabric of our identity – and have contributed to this vision of building a global migration ecosystem.

Are you an immigrant? Are you someone who has been through the migration process? Do you have a story to share?

Learn more about #relocatestories and how the human narrative a core part of our genetic composition.

Access Trustworthy Information about Immigration…Written by Experts.

There is no shortage of information about immigration that you can find throughout the internet. In fact, this information overload is precisely one of the problems we endeavored to solve. If we have succeeded, you will find that Relocate is a space where you can feel at ease, and even inspired by the notion of moving to another country.

Our team of research-based academic and migration experts extracted information from primary sources, collaborating alongside front-end designers and u/x engineers to generate an experience that would not only distill complex information about migration into something digestible, but also structure the content in a way that is instantly accessible and intuitive.

Our strategy is to generate practical, objective and relevant material that you can trust. Similar to a government website, we have the virtue of being independent and not having to sell a service. We hope that our original writing reflects this.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Check out on the pulse news about immigration-topics written by the experts.

Connect Directly with Leading Immigration Lawyers.

At the heart of global mobility is an entire orbit of migration professionals, firms and businesses that serve to represent those seeking to emigrate. If you are looking for someone to professionally support your relocation and visa needs, many important questions arise: Who do you trust? How do you find the perfect Advisor? Where to start looking?

Since early-2020, we engaged leading immigration practitioners throughout the world. We conducted several rounds of interviews - from exploratory discussions about overall immigration pathways, to more granular conversations regarding their practice areas and respective immigration services. As part of our Ambassador Program, we effectively limited enrollment of licensed Advisors in each country. The results are incredibly encouraging.

For our soft-launch, Relocate is privileged to feature an all-star constellation of immigration lawyers across eleven-countries. From Vancouver to Aukland, these licensed practitioners specialize in providing high-quality legal services for immigration and global mobility matters. These are truly leaders in their respective fields, and we are grateful to them onboard from the beginning.

What does all this mean for those seeking information and answers about relocation?

Through Relocate, you can now search and find Advisors that match your specific immigration needs; submit detailed inquiries about immigration and request consultations directly with these experts....all in one place.

Navigate the Complex Web of Immigration with a North Star & Compass. #Get Started. #Get Going. #Transcendborders.

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