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Ambassador Spotlight: Daniel Parisi




April 21, 2022


11:03 PM

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This week the spotlight is on....

  • Ambassador: Daniel Parisi
  • Profession: Immigration Lawyer
  • Location(s): United States

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Relocate Community: How long have you been working with international clients?

Daniel Nineteen-years.

Relocate Community: That's great, and over the years, what has become your core focus area?

Daniel I run a full-service US immigration law firm and represent business clients (investors, artists, leaders of industry, etc.) as well as private clients (marriage based green cards, etc.). My particular area of specialty is working with clients who have criminal or adverse immigration histories and may face difficulty getting a US visa. I also teach US immigration and served for 7 years as the liaison between the US Department of State's Visa Office and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Relocate Community: What inspires you about being an international practitioner?

Daniel I have an international background. I was educated all over Europe and speak several languages. I've lived in 5 countries and understand the needs of international clients. I enjoy making it possible for clients to pursue their professional and personal goals.

Relocate Community: So, do you reside abroad now?

Daniel Yes, I was based in London, UK for 15 years, and I now call Belgium home.

Relocate Community: What are you favorite type of clients to take on?

Daniel I enjoy working with clients who are not eligible for US visas and helping them get their ineligibilities waived by the US government.

Relocate Community: The U.S. has experienced fluctuation of immigration reforms over recent years, what are some new and exciting routes for foreigners to immigrate into the U.S. now?

Daniel The US is finally opening up to digital entrepreneurs by removing the "brick and mortar" business requirements from its investor visas. This is very exciting because many entrepreneurs who may not have qualified as investors in the past may be able to now.

Relocate Community: So, is now a good time for people to try to immigrate to the U.S.?

Daniel As the country recovers from the Pandemic, the US economy is opening up and there are vacancies in so many industry sectors. The current administration has repealed "Buy American Hire American" so more jobs are open to foreign nationals.

Daniel Parisi is a licensed U.S. Immigration Attorney. Daniel handles all aspects of US immigration issues, but focuses on visa ineligibility based on criminal history. He has served as Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Department of State Liaison Committee for several years and have extensive experience dealing with US Embassies around the world.

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