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October 20, 2022


04:06 AM

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France attracts people for a wide variety of reasons. Those interested in finding unmatched cultural opportunities will enjoy France’s many cities steeped in history and art, while those looking for a place to raise a family will appreciate its well-regarded education and the high-quality of life. A strong job market and an excellent work-life balance also attract those interested in professional opportunities.

Relocate to France

There are a few ways that foreigners can come to live in France legally. Working with a qualified immigration lawyer (avocate), is one of the easiest strategies that you can use to help you pursue your goals of living in France.

Meet Clarisse

Clarisse Delaitre, is a French Lawyer, specialized in Immigration and Employment Law.

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Practicing Immigration Law in France

Relocate: What kind of services do you provide as a French immigration lawyer?

Clarisse: I help people to move and travel to France for work purposes. I also advise French and foreign companies, as well as employees in all matters related to employment law. This includes social security and commercial or contractual aspects of the law, such as: Employment contracts, termination, non compete clauses, remuneration, paid leaves etc.

Relocate: Where do you provide these services?

Clarisse: All throughout France, but my clients are international. For example, I recently supported an American Company launch its business activities in France.

👉 Read more about successful client cases here.

Paris in the Fall.webp The Passeport Talent Residence Permit allows you to stay and work in France for up to four years.

Relocate: What is your "favorite" visa category in France?

Clarisse: The Talent Passport

Relocate: Who is generally eligible for the talent passport visa in France?

Clarisse: Talent passports are designed to help France attract foreign workers who can help develop its economy. This visa is available for those who fit into several groups. This includes:

  • Those who have been hired by certain French companies or organizations
  • Those who are self-employed and can show that their work will contribute to France
  • Those who carry a particular national or international reputation
  • Certain types of artists and performers

Relocate: What inspires you about practicing immigration law?

Clarisse: Meeting international people and helping them realize their dream to live in France!

💡 If you are not from the European Union, a talent passport can provide a means for people to move to France and pursue work opportunities. These passports are good for four years, and then they must be renewed. If you qualify for a talent passport, you can also request that the eligibility extends to include the rest of your immediate family💡

Get Support Relocating to France

Overall, sorting through the French visa system requires considerable planning and guidance. In France, the language barrier can often be intimidating for non-French speakers, as French nationals take pride in their mother-tongue (and rightfully so!).

Find support in your journey through Relocate. Dig-deeper into important topics for immigrating to France, and connect with qualified Advisors who can confidently address your immigration needs. Connecting with a bi-lingual and qualified Avocate (i.e. French Lawyer) is generally a good idea to ease the transition into this coveted country.

Get started with a 30-minute consultation 👉 Connect with Clarisse Today!

Who are Relocate Ambassadors?

Relocate Ambassadors are highly-qualified migration professionals and practitioners. On Relocate, you can find a diverse range of global mobility experts, including: immigration lawyers, remote work consultants, international tax advisors, cross-border corporate lawyers, and other niche professionals in the global migration space.

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