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Remote - A New Destination.

Similar to the powerful rise of Digital Nomadism, palpable movements towards living and working remotely are completely unprecedented. Paradigm shifts within the employer-employee relationship have generated new definitions of how we define productivity in the workspace. And as our global economy emerged from a heartless pandemic, it became crystal clear that outdated precepts of corporate-management and work-life culture would not survive.

The Future of Work...and how we live.

The result – a universally sweeping movement towards a new wave of work. The Future of Work arrived in 2022 with a revolutionary BANG. Corporate Prophets, Industry Gurus and self-proclaimed Futurists predicted it. The relentless progress of technology demanded it. A world that suffered found itself more interconnected than ever before, and was primed for it. And now, here we are – in the midst of a revolutionary way for defining how we live and work.

And how fortunate we are to find ourselves here! For those that not only have the virtue of being capable of removing unnecessary barriers in the workspace, but being incentivized to pursue this sense of life-freedom. Gone with the dreadful urban commute. Let us think twice about employee happiness and what this means. Gone with wasted expenses for corporate office space. Let us embrace the hybrid-model and provide employees with the opportunity to work from anywhere … with good network connectivity of course.

Remote Work is Here to Stay

You don’t have to search far and wide to find this fortune cookie statement. Statistics will pop-out like spring, and one can easily get convinced about how beautiful it all is. And how sweet it is, this fragrance of corporate freedom. Unshackled from sterile cubicles to live that postcard dream! The most amazing part of it all, is that it is true. Well most of it at least. Both employers and employees are actively discovering new methods of working together. Attentive employers are implementing new incentives for retaining their top-tier talent in the new-age. And loyal employees are valuing their longevity and convenience of being with an organization that supports them in this new-age of workspace productivity.

Transitioning into the Future of Work for Enterprises and Employers

This ability to live and work beyond our individual borders is both inspiring and challenging. In reality, it presents as many opportunities as it does real-world issues to address. Even enterprises with good-faith intentions for transitioning into a hybrid-remote work model need to fully understand costs and implications. And trust us, there are many: Corporate Taxation, HR & Payroll, Talent Retention, Visas and Immigration, Work-Permits, Labor Compliance, and the list goes on. And will continue to go on.

Dear Employees: Be sensitive to these real challenges employers face. It's not all WiFi and sea-breeze.

Dear Employers: There are solutions. There is compromise.

Remote Work & Future of Work Professionals

While not a brand-new phenomenon – there is a formidable niche service-sector rapidly on the rise and gaining attention within the Future of Work ecosystem. Chief of People ✈ The Head of Remote ✈ Head of Human Resources ✈ Global Mobility Managers .... you will know what we’re talking about….and it is inspiring.

As part of the Relocate Ambassador program you can now engage the leading professionals providing exceptional services within the hybrid-remote work space. These vetted future of work experts, remote work consultants, hybrid workspace advisors, and distributed work professionals have a diverse background – from supporting private enterprise remote-work transitions to consulting governments on implementing national policies for attracting international talent - and they are here for you.

We all know how the old adage goes: "When the world is your oyster, work tastes a lot sweeter." Wait a second, maybe it's a new adage. Get with it ✈ Get Going!


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