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This emerald studded country of Mediterranean islands is one of the most desirable destinations to visit. Slate white sandstone amongst sharp blue skies and crystal seas fills the soul – so why not do what the Greeks did, and stay?

One of the most ancient and intellectually influential civilizations of mankind, there are remnants of history everywhere you turn. Ask any Grecian about the doric toppled columns, and they would say that these serve as reminders. Reminders of what you may ask? Of our progressiveness.

Recent history has brought great struggle to the capital city, Athens. Economic collapse hit like a perfect storm to the already widening age-gap. Indebted geopolitical ties within the European Union helped pull Greece through the darkest financial days, and provided a foundation for rebuilding. In fact, this means that it is an ideal time for anyone seeking to breathe in some sea-salt and stay longer than a 10-day cruise to the top-destinations. A buyers market for real-estate, high-quality of life and low-cost-of living has resulted in an empathetic and dynamic international community that call Greece there home.

And the Greek Government knows this – from tax-incentives for retirees and pensioners, to new visa pathways for Digital Nomads – there is no shortage of space on any of any of the 227 emerald studded islands that await. Add to this easy access to the rest of Europe and and unparalleled mediterranean culture, Greece is here to stay. Are you?


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