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How To Find A Job In France

How to Find a Job in France

You’re not alone if you find yourself daydreaming of life in France. Whether you picture yourself enjoying a glass of rosé right outside the Eiffel Tower or a romantic stroll through the streets of Paris, there’s so much to love about the country’s vibrant and rich culture.

Thinking about moving to France? Comme c'est magnifique! As you dream about weekends in the countryside or walks along the French Riviera, you’ll also want to think about finding a job before your big move. Although the process can seem a bit overwhelming, we’re here to help. In this article, we will cover visa requirements, skills that French employers look for, and how to find jobs in France.

What to Consider Before Your Job Search in France

Before you begin your search for gainful employment in France, consider the legal requirements for working in France. The list of requirements can easily overwhelm, so it’s helpful to speak with an expert on the subject. Browse reliable, bilingual French Advisors on Relocate and dig-deeper into your specific circumstances.

In general, here are some things to consider before applying for a job in France:

  • What are the legalities of working in France?
  • What visa or immigration requirements are there?
  • What type of work experience do you have?
  • Where do you want to live and work?
  • What language requirements are expected of you?
  • Where can you find French job postings?

It is a lot of material to cover but well worth the research. Here, we will cover the basics to consider when applying for a job in France.

Whether you are self-employed, a part- or full-time employee, or an international student, working is a “professional activity” and requires a visa and work permit. The type of work visa and other immigration requirements depend on your specific situation — namely how long you plan to stay.

Whether you plan to stay for the short or long term, you need a work permit to work in most circumstances. If you do not already have a visa, some recruiters may choose to apply for one on your behalf. This can take up to three months, so the sooner you can get started, the better. There are exceptions to this rule: Citizens of Switzerland or the European Union (EU) do not require a work visa.

Even with a work permit, foreign nationals require a visa to enter and stay in France. With a long-stay visa and work permit, you can live and work in France for three months, maxing out at 12 months. After a year, if you wish to stay, you must apply for a residence permit. Some long-stay visas also serve as residency permits. This can prove worthwhile if you already know you want to stay long term.

Through Relocate you can submit a general inquiry, browse licensed Immigration Avocats (i.e. lawyers) in France, and receive tailored consultations to get a clear understanding of viable immigration pathways for living and working in France.

Where to Find Jobs in France

There are several platforms for job seekers looking for employment in France. Emploi is a popular board and the official government job posting site. There are several other boards with international job postings that work similarly to job boards in your locale. Simply upload your cover letter, resume with current work experience, respond to recruiters and job postings.

Familiarizing yourself with platforms can help you find vacancies in your niche. Some popular places to search for jobs include:


APEC is one of the largest employment sites in France. You can find management level professions and employment for recent college graduates. Match your skills and apply by visiting APEC.

Jobs in Paris

If your French is weak, Jobs in Paris is just what you need. This English job board includes numerous industries such as healthcare, education, and freelance work.

Campus France for International Students

Campus France offers a comprehensive guide for students looking to study abroad. Students can learn about obtaining a visa, health, and psychological assistance for students, and how to extend their stay in France after graduation.

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