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The Start-Up Visa 🚀 Calling Global Entrepreneurs



September 28, 2022


09:13 AM

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By its very nature, the start-up world is constantly evolving. It is an exciting place to be…most of the time. For anyone who has launched a new venture – you would know the trials and tribulations. In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to bring something new to market – whether it is a convenience store or a Web 3.0 platform – is universal.

What does Global Mobility Mean for Entrepreneurs?

Relocate is a platform designed to ease the burdens of migration. Launching a new business in a new market, and navigating the numerous challenges that exist, can feel overwhelming. As an independent marketplace for global migration, Relocate permits you to connect with vetted immigration practitioners in over 40 countries, and dig deeper into valuable information about visa requirements.

Since our launch in 2021, the global immigration framework has rapidly evolved. New pathways for entrepreneurs, investors, and start-up entities have emerged throughout the world. In fact, this is probably one of the most exciting times to call yourself a global entrepreneur. Why? At your fingertips there are a wide range of resources engineered to make your life easier to conduct international business. Solutions range from tech-based global hiring platforms to government-backed tax incentives. Combine this with streamlined immigration procedures, well, a world of opportunity awaits the ambitious.

www,relocate,world.webp Are you an entrepreneur considering business or relocation options overseas? Join us for our upcoming Start-Up visa webinar with leading migration practitioners.


At Relocate, we exist at the intersection of mobility and business. Our recent partnerships, ranging from start-up ventures in the digital nomad ecosystem to global brands like Oyster, reflect this sentiment.

Innovation continues to apply itself to mobility and influence traditional precepts of immigration. This has opened up new visa categories for remote workers and effectively streamlined many aspects of immigration. New technologies for assessing and processing visas are emerging with increased frequency, and the impact is ubiquitous – from digitalised eVisa travel for individuals, to new forms of mobility through businesses and governments alike.


On October 5th @ 18:00 CET we will be featuring five Relocate Ambassadors in a broad discussion about “Start-Up Visas”. Global migration practitioners will be providing insight regarding the nuances and complexities of launching a new business in their respective country. For this series, we're covering five major global destinations: Japan, Portugal, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Topics will include:

🚀 Benefits & challenges of the start-up visa 🚀 Shifting landscape for global entrepreneurs 🚀 Short term v. long term visa options 🚀 Core criteria and requirements for start-up visas

Join us for a live Q&A Session with all-star immigration practitioners 👉 Click here to RSVP

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