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Remote work rises by 300%! 📈


Michelle Coulson


December 19, 2022


10:52 AM

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The surge of interest in remote work is only going to continue, and if companies want to hire and retain employees, they’re going to have to listen to what people want!

In response to our recent newsletter, one remote rebel responded: “Most people don’t honestly want to return to the office. I’d rather be unemployed indefinitely.” We couldn’t agree more fellow Rebel!

It sounds like he’s not alone- Semrush recently conducted a study that showed interest (and possible demand) for remote work continues to surge.

What do the most popular remote work search terms look like? Just to give you an idea, here are a few of the statistics from this research 🔎:

  • Remote work search queries jumped 300% from July 2021 to July 2022.
  • The popularity of searches for "remote jobs near me," "part-time remote jobs," and "entry-level remote jobs" has almost quadrupled.
  • "Remote jobs" are the most searched query related to remote work.
  • "Remote jobs near me" received 260k monthly searches and 234% YoY growth.
  • "Part-time remote jobs" received 28.3k searches and 308% YoY growth.

Remote Work is not only here to is on the RISE

As someone intimately involved with remote work as a mentor and coach, I’m definitely not surprised!

Remote jobs advertised on LinkedIn receive over 200 applications, compared to on-site jobs receiving around 20 applicants.

Companies such as Deel and WorkMotion make it easy for employers to hire and pay anyone, anywhere. So for companies citing ‘tax and legal reasons’ as an excuse not to hire people from anywhere- that simply doesn't ‘fly’!

If you’re tired of being made to feel like you’re being too picky looking for a fully remote- you are definitely NOT! Stand up for what you want and join the Remote Rebellion.

With over 8 years of recruitment experience, Michelle can help you navigate remote-work opportunities. Learn more about finding fully remote jobs and how to position yourself so that you land the right role for you!

Would you like to learn more about how to land a remote job successfully? 👉 Contact Michelle Today

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