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Finding Remote Work Opportunities While Living Abroad


Emily Bron


November 07, 2022


08:38 AM

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Today, many people are working remotely, but this isn’t just a condition of the current pandemic. It is a trend that is growing because people are choosing a better quality of life over congested city living.

When the pandemic began, we saw a huge migration of people moving from large cities into resort communities. The real estate aggregator, Redfin recently published an article about how the coronavirus has driven New Yorkers and San Franciscans to greener pastures. In 2020, listings were receiving multiple offers and selling for over 10-15% of asking price.

Popular resort towns like Cape Cod, Jersey Shore, Bend, Oregon and Lake Tahoe saw a huge reduction in available inventory as the buyer demand overwhelmed the amount of homes for sale. International vacation destinations in Portugal, Bulgaria, Mexico, South America and Asia will receive the overflow of this demand once people realize how easy it is to migrate internationally.

Emily Bron, of International Lifestyle Consultants, has been helping people fulfill this dream through the careful curation of information about living and working in international destinations. When people are asked about the biggest benefits of becoming a remote worker, studies demonstrate that flexibility and freedom are key.

Have a look at some of the most relevant reasons for working remotely:

What are the biggest benefits to becoming a remote worker?

  • 40% Flexible Schedule
  • 30% Working from Any Location
  • 14% Time with Family
  • 13% Working from Home
  • 3% Other

We’ve seen how the 20 and 30 year olds began the Digital Nomad trend because unlike the Yuppies, younger generations choose quality of life over the pursuit of possessions. They are attracted to a more minimalist lifestyle that allows for a richer experience of different cultures.

Why did you choose to work remotely?

  1. Flexibility and work-life balance.
  2. Working remotely allows me to choose quality of life over work.
  3. Reducing my carbon footprint.
  4. Not losing time on commute.
  5. Higher Productivity
  6. Working remotely allows me to travel and see the world.
  7. Retirees have always enjoyed the benefits of reducing their expenses by living abroad, but the ability to easily find remote work is opening this trend to people of all ages.

International Lifestyle Consultants partners with many of the largest remote working platforms to guide clients in finding remote work opportunities. The added benefit of working with Emily Bron is that she is also an expert on the process of relocating. Not only can she help you make the move, but she also has connections to accommodation opportunities that you will not find elsewhere.

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 09,39,53.webp

Imagine waking up and answering emails before you go off scuba diving. Have lunch in a charming European seaside restaurant, while crunching numbers. Rather than use a phony tropical background while making Zoom calls, you can work from your patio with palm trees actually swaying behind you.

Many companies will share information on why living internationally and working remotely can improve your life experience, but beyond that, you are on your own. At International Lifestyle Consultants, we offer the complete packet with a step by step plan that eliminates the stress and uncertainty.

👉 Contact Emily to discover how to make your dream of working and living abroad a reality.

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