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Six Reasons You Need a Serviced Office in Hong Kong



November 30, 2022


09:45 AM

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When renting an office in Hong Kong, one of the toughest challenges is finding the right blend of space, convenience, privacy, cost and amenities. If you opt for a private office, you will often have to fork out large amounts of money for things like décor, renovation, amenities and much more. On the other hand, a shared space might be cheaper, but it is too informal and more of a public space than an office.

Here are 6 reasons why a serviced office strikes the right balance and might be just what your business needs:

1. A Professional Working Environment

When you need to present your company in a positive and trustworthy light, the way your office space looks matters. Be it via Zoom meetings or in person, if your clients see a messy office, they’re less-likely to give you their business. Serviced offices are designed to look welcoming and professional with receptionists ready to point customers right to you. There are also cleaning staff to make sure your office space and the common areas are spotless, which is definitely a benefit with COVID-19’s ability to halt productivity.

2. Serviced Offices Are Fully-equipped

Instead of renting out and renovate an entire office and having to kit it out to perfection, you can use the great equipment usually provided for free by a serviced office like Compass Offices. Your staff will be thankful to have access to a great kitchen, clean toilets and even comfortable communal areas. In short, such provider offers private offices in shared workspaces, generally located in premium locations and business districts.

When it comes to your office space itself, things like furniture, Wi-Fi and printers will already be available. Finally, to really wow your customers, meeting rooms are often also bookable so that you can make a powerful impression and seal that all-important deal!

3. Cost Effective

One of the great things about renting a serviced office is that it can scale up with you. When you first move in, your company may only have four or five employees, but a year later, you might require space for ten employees. You can simply pay for the space you need, exactly when you need it. No need to shell out extra on offices that are too big, or have to worry about downscaling. Moreover, with nearly 90% of workers preferring remote and hybrid work, serviced offices offer you even greater flexibility than traditional offices. There are a variety of office sizes to suit your budget and needs. Then, there are the little money-savers that are already set up for you like printers with ink, utilities, office furniture and much more.

4. Space for Clients And Employees

A serviced office really offers your business the best of both worlds. Your own office space is the perfect location to discuss projects and sensitive information with employees. It offers a safe and secure environment in which your company can work just like it would in a private office space. In addition to this, you will have access to meeting rooms where you can entertain clients. This means that your clients don’t need to be stuffed into a tiny office or informal coworking space when you meet them. You can create a great impression and pay less to do so.

serviced office hong kong.webp Rise above the noise in Hong Kong with all the amenities of a serviced office-space

5. Your Employees Will Feel Comfortable

An office space needs to be somewhere that your employees find conducive to be productive. In your office, they can have their own cubicles with great Wi-Fi and comfortable office furniture already provided. A clean environment and professional look will also heighten the confidence of your employees since they work in a great office space! A well-designed workplace has a positive impact on employees’ health, wellbeing, satisfaction, and productivity. Kitchen areas, clean toilets and quality facilities will also help to keep your employees feeling valued and comfortable whenever they’re at work.

6. Serviced Offices Are Often Located Centrally

While serviced offices offer great value for money, they are also businesses at the end of the day and need to attract reliable companies to use their office spaces. This is why serviced offices often give themselves the best chance of success by locating their premises in centrally-located areas. In Hong Kong, for example, you will find serviced offices in all the major central business districts like Central, Admiralty, Sheung Wan, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and even Kwun Tong. All these districts are great for business, but are also easy to commute to with convenient access by bus, MTR, car and even trams or ferries in some areas!

The Office Service You Deserve

If what you’re in the market for is an office that’s premium without a premium price tag, then a serviced office is a great option for you. With greater chances of negotiating a shorter lease, you can even rent for smaller durations of time to see if serviced offices are the right fit for you and your business.

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