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What is a Digital Nomad Visa?


Ashlee Stetser


October 15, 2021


11:30 AM

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What is digital nomad Visa (DNV)? Exactly what it sounds like! This type of visa, also known as a freelancer visa or remote worker visa, is a special type of visa issued by a host country to those interested in working there, but on a less permanent and more fluid and flexible basis. A travel blogger, adventure traveler, expat-preneur, or techpat is a good example of someone who might pursue this route.

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Why is a Digital Nomad Visa an attractive option?

Often, visitor visas are only issued for 3-6 months and are difficult, if not impossible, to renew in-country for another few months. As such, a digital nomad visa presents a more flexible option for individuals interested in, for example, staying in a country when they’re not quite sure how long they may need to be there. Generally, digital nomad visas run 6 months to 2 years with some offering an option to extend.

Which countries offer a version of the DNV?

The good news for all of you digital nomads is that host countries are getting the hint! There are roughly thirty countries currently offering this type of visa, with more entertaining the idea (Spain, for example) as of this writing (October, 2021).

What are the costs involved?

There are two costs to consider: the visa application fee and proof of income.

Visa Applications

There’s quite a range depending on where you’re headed. In Mauritius, the visa application cost is free! In Germany, the cost is $60 USD. In Barbados, however, it’s $2,000 USD. DNVs can be expensive and often presuppose a comfortable level of income and savings to begin with. While most visitor visas are around the $100 mark, a digital type of visa can run upwards of $1,000-$2,000 USD.

Proof of Income

DNVs also require a certain level of income. Again, these requirements vary by country. Places like the Cayman Islands, for example, require an annual salary of $100,000 USD while Costa Rica requires a monthly income of $2,500 USD or a one-time deposit of $60,000 USD into a Costa Rican bank. Be sure to check on the host country’s website for up-to-date info.


A Digital Nomad Visa or something similar seems to be the way forward given the times in which we live. What we know for sure is that digital nomads have more options than ever before. Keep close track of the places you’d like to live, work, and visit as there’s a lot of variability depending on the destination.

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